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The SURAJ mantra reflects the way we approach each and every one of our developments - the chance to create something entirely novel
Suraj Group of Companies ~ Dawn of a New Day

Starting anew is a refreshing feeling. At Suraj, this is how we view the start of each of our projects – the dawn of a new day, and the chance to create something entirely novel. Our experience in Multi-family Residential Development makes us passionate about individuality, and also innovation. We believe that all developments should be designed to incorporate something a little special, to give them an edge and make them stand out from the crowd. You’ll find that every one of our projects is crowned with its own finishing touch.

With experience in commercial and residential development spanning three decades, we have a strong reputation within Metro Vancouver’s building industry. Currently, Suraj has more than 200 homes to its name across the Lower Mainland, but we don’t take this success for granted. The name Suraj – meaning “sun” – reminds us to aim higher with every new project, and to shine as bright as our celestial namesake.

Take a look at our current and upcoming projects to see which of our homes suit your needs.

Suraj Group is committed to attracting, developing and retaining the right people who are highly competent, live the company’s values and actively contribute to our long-term success.

We believe in a culture of creativity mixed with good ethics which is why our employees, contractors and consultants all embody these important traits which help us create a efficient, productive and innovative team.

Our vision is to design and develop homes that leave a lasting impression with their owners but also within the surrounding communities.  Quality design and development is always our focal point.

Translating the needs and aspirations of the community to ensure we understand their preferences in design, construction and accessibility.

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Take a look at our current projects and our upcoming projects to see which of our homes suit your needs.

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